Idatio's CoreBill: Your Ultimate PBXware Billing Solution

Searching for a game-changing CoreBill PBXware billing solution? Your quest ends here! We present CoreBill - the Idatio's PBXware billing software that's set to transform your billing experience. Say goodbye to cumbersome billing methods and step into a realm of simplified billing processes with CoreBill.
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Corebill: A Comprehensive PBXware Billing Solution for VoIP Services

Experience the unison of PBXware, Invoicing, Client Management, and Compliance on a singular platform.

PBXware And Billing Integration With Corebill

Witness an integrated PBXware and billing platform that not only provides insights into client VoIP usage but also churns out precise invoices. Direct client management in CoreBill allows clients a front-facing portal to oversee their services.

Compliance-Centered Client Database in Corebill

Our client database isn’t just centralized; it follows stringent protocols for compliance, ensuring every piece of data is safely stored.

Direct Client Management in Corebill

A front facing portal through which
clients can directly manage their own

Our Pricing Plans

Every business is unique, and at Idatio, we get that. Our CoreBill PBXware billing solution pricing caters to these individual needs, balancing flexibility with exceptional value.

Corebill Billing Solution

With CoreBill, every billing cycle achieves optimal connectivity with the CorePBX Module, making it both seamless and efficient.


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CoreSMS Module

With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can experience the benefits of CoreSMS risk-free.


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CorePBX PBXware Module

Elevate your communication standards. Our CorePBX Module, specially crafted for peak connectivity, integrates seamlessly with the CoreBill PBXware billing integration.


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Avalara TAX Module

Automate tax calculations with real-time rates and ensure global compliance, all within CoreBill.


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Core Services Hosting

Hosted option for your CoreBill Services 



Setup & Configuration

 We'll setup CoreBill and it's modules and deliver a working platform ready for production. 


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Support Tailored for You

Get tailored support for PBXware billing. We’re here to guide you in configuring the solution within your technical setting.

Technical Team

Onboard your technical team,
and remain ”on deck” for any
troubleshooting guidance that
may be necessary.

Dedicatead Resources

Ensure that there is always
a dedicated resource that
you can contact.

Why Choose CoreBill?

CoreBill isn’t just another software; it's the #1 PBXware billing solution. Here’s why:

Security and Compliance

With CoreBill, rest assured. We stick to the highest security benchmarks, ensuring your data’s safety.

Unmatched Performance

Harness the prowess of a billing software that never settles for less.

Expert Support

Our team, your companion, ensuring a journey that’s smooth.

Seamless Integration

Merging CoreBill with your current systems is a breeze.
PBXware Billing

CoreBill Overview

CoreBill isn’t just a tool; it’s your comprehensive partner. It’s here to uncomplicate billing, offering features like accurate call detail record management and real-time rating.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PBXware and how does CoreBill integrate with it?

PBXware is the world’s first and most mature Open Standards Turnkey Telephony Platform. It was designed to deploy flexible, reliable, and scalable communication systems and VoIP solutions to businesses of all sizes, Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), contact centers, and governments worldwide. PBXware offers unified communications, integrating a range of features like audio conference, instant messaging, video call, fax, presence, and more, all from a single interface. It also integrates seamlessly with most business-critical apps and services such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zendesk, ZOHO, MS Dynamics, and many others​.

CoreBill, provided by Idatio, is a comprehensive PBXware billing solution. It offers a modern, automated approach to billing that aligns with the demands of the current business landscape. CoreBill provides an integrated platform that delivers visibility about client usage of VoIP and generates accurate invoices​​. In addition to billing, CoreBill offers direct client management through a front-facing portal where clients can directly manage their own services​​. It also features a compliance-centered client database that stores client information following protocols for compliance​​.

The integration of CoreBill with PBXware simplifies and streamlines the billing process, making it easier for businesses to manage their billing needs, deliver accurate invoices, and improve client satisfaction.

How does CoreBill help streamline billing processes?

CoreBill, provided by Idatio, streamlines billing processes in several ways:

Automated Billing: CoreBill provides a modern, automated approach to billing. It moves away from reactive, manual billing, which can be outdated and inefficient, especially in today's fast-paced business environment​​.

Integrated Platform: CoreBill integrates with PBXware to provide a platform that not only manages VoIP services but also generates accurate invoices based on client usage. This integration ensures that billing processes align closely with the actual usage of services, leading to more accurate and timely invoicing​​.

Client Management: CoreBill offers a front-facing portal through which clients can directly manage their own services. This direct management can simplify the billing process by giving clients more control over their services and potentially reducing queries and disputes​​.

Compliance-Centered Client Database: CoreBill maintains a centralized database that stores client information following protocols for compliance. This feature can help streamline the billing process by ensuring that all client data is stored and managed in a consistent and compliant manner, reducing the risk of data-related issues that could complicate billing processes​​.

Support and Resources: Idatio offers support to help configure the CoreBill solution within your technical environment and onboard your technical team. Having a dedicated resource to contact can also help resolve any potential issues in the billing process more quickly and efficiently​​.

By integrating these features, CoreBill helps to streamline billing processes, reduce manual efforts, and improve overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

What kind of support can I expect when using CoreBill?​

Configuration Support: Idatio offers support to help configure the CoreBill solution within your specific technical environment. This could be invaluable in ensuring that the solution is set up correctly and is well-integrated with your existing systems and processes​​.

Onboarding Support: The Idatio technical team assists in onboarding your technical team. They remain "on deck" for any troubleshooting guidance that may be necessary, ensuring a smooth transition and implementation process​.

Dedicated Resources: Idatio ensures that there is always a dedicated resource that you can contact. This means that you will have someone to turn to for assistance whenever you need it, which can greatly reduce the time and stress associated with resolving any issues that may arise​.

How does CoreBill enable client management? Can clients manage their own services through this platform?

Yes, CoreBill facilitates client management by providing a front-facing portal where clients can directly manage their own services. This feature allows clients to have control over their services and potentially streamline processes by reducing the need for back-and-forth communication for simple changes or updates. It also provides a better user experience as clients can make adjustments to their services based on their specific needs and at their own convenience

How does CoreBill handle compliance and data storage?

CoreBill is a web billing platform designed to offer sophisticated solutions for handling PBXware billing. It prioritizes compliance with current data protection regulations and ensures robust computer security. Here's how it works:

To maintain the confidentiality and integrity of customer information and invoices, CoreBill employs a robust data encryption system. This is a crucial part of our approach to PBXware billing.

The platform uses secure, certified servers for data storage, with regular backups and protective measures against cyber threats. This secure data handling is integral to the effective operation of our PBXware billing solutions.

CoreBill keeps a detailed record of all transactions and their authors, allowing for a thorough review of all activities on the platform. This transparency and accountability are key elements of our PBXware billing solutions.

Finally, our commitment to security extends to the measures we take to safeguard against cyber attacks. This is fundamental to CoreBill's PBXware billing solutions, ensuring that all data and transactions are safely stored and managed.
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