Business Communications
Unify Your Business

Streamline communication with Idatio's enterprise-grade VoIP phone services. Crystal clear calls, unified messaging, and easy scalability.

Business Communications
Protect Your Data
With Cloud Backups

Safeguard your business against data loss with Idatio's secure cloud backup solutions featuring automated backups and military-grade encryption.

Business Communications
Focus on Growth With
Back Office Support

Let Idatio's experts handle routine administrative tasks so you can concentrate on your core business.
Save up to 60% on costs.

Business Communications
The Future of Business Communications

Idatio offers modern solutions to enhance communication, streamline operations, and drive business success in today's digital landscape.

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We offer the best tools and services to help you improve your bussines.

Manage all billing procesess and engage with, customers and teams with one powerful easy-to-use solution.

What is Corebill?

An integrated PBXware and billing platform that provides visibility about client usage of VoIP as it generates accurate invoices.


Centralized billing streamlines and efficiently manages billing processes for multiple services and locations.



Our VoIP service provides a comprehensive communication solution with high-quality calls, affordable pricing, and wide device compatibility.

VoIP Solutions

Seamless Communication for Your Business
Experience crystal-clear voice calls and enhanced collaboration with our advanced VOIP solutions. Idatio's service ensures smooth communication across various devices and platforms, helping your business stay connected and efficient. Learn more about our service and unlock the potential of internet calling.

Cloud Backups

Protect Your Critical Data with Confidence
Safeguard your valuable business data with our reliable and secure cloud backup services. Idatio provides automated backups, data encryption, and easy accessibility, ensuring your data remains protected and available whenever needed. Discover how our cloud backup solutions can offer you ultimate peace of mind.

Back Office 
Support Service

Streamline Operations and Maximize Efficiency Enhance your business performance with our professional back office support services. Idatio's team of experts manages various operational tasks, including data entry, document management, and administrative functions, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. Learn how our back office support can transform your operations and drive growth.

Customize your comunication Experience

Idatio provides a wide range of specialized solutions, including VOIP, cloud backup, and back office support services, to help businesses thrive in today's competitive landscape. Our cost-effective and dependable offerings enable seamless communication through internet calling, ensuring that your teams stay connected across various devices and platforms.

Why Choose Idatio?

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and innovative solutions

50-75% Savings

Save by joining numerous businesses worldwide that cut communication costs up to 75% through our VOIP services.

Secure Your Business

Protect your company with our cloud backup and be among the businesses that avoid the 60% shutdown rate from data loss.

Efficient Outsourcing

Be part of the companies experiencing up to 60% cost savings by outsourcing back office tasks with Idatio.

Cloud Backup

Embrace the future with our cloud backup services, as the global market is projected to grow by 25.7% CAGR from 2021 to 2026.

What are we offering

Idatio is a technology company that provides a range of solutions and services to help businesses improve their operations and enhance their customer experience. Our solutions include VOIP, cloud backups, back-office support, and BPO outsourcing, while our services include contact center solutions, medical record retrieval, and contract staffing services. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions and services that help our clients achieve their business goals and drive growth.
Customer-centric approach
Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive services.

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Why Switching to VoIP is a Game-Changer for Your Business: Benefits Explained

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